World of Padman

World of Padman 1.5

Padman discover that PadGirl has been kidnapped by the mad scientist Dr. Pad
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World of Padman is a first-person shooter. It was originally developed as a mod for Quake 3, but now it has been released as a standalone application, so you don't need to have Quake 3 installed to play it. The game is designed to please multiplayer-addicted audience. It gives the user control of one of 6 crazy characters. I am having difficulties trying to determine what animals those characters look like, but they are funny-looking all the same. They use a sort of paintball gun to knock their opponents down.

There are several maps to play. The maps are often normal-size rooms and your characters seem to be minute in size. So the maps look huge to you. There are different weapons for you to pick up during the game. Some are a little unreal, but fun nonetheless. Graphically, the game has a cartoonish look to it. Nothing like the Quake game. I found that the presentations and the menus were really not impressive at all. I was kind of disappointed by them to tell you the truth. Action is fast paced, though, with several movement aids that allow you to float around the map and run faster at certain periods of time. World of Padman is a cross-platform game. It works under Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

José Fernández
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  • Fast-paced action
  • Many available MP servers


  • Single player isn't available
  • Weak presentation
  • You can't play out of the box
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